Detail from The Canal, Amsterdam, 1889, James McNeill Whistler, The Hunterian, University of Glasgow

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Symphonie en argent et émeraude


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  • 'Symphonie en argent et émeraude' (1980, YMSM). 1


Symphonie en argent et émeraude, Private Collection
Symphonie en argent et émeraude, Private Collection

A seascape, in horizontal format, showing a stormy sea with waves breaking on the beach, under a cloudy sky.


Since there are no distinguishing features in the seascape, it is impossible to identify the site.


Andrew McLaren Young (1913-1975) was unsure of the authenticity of this painting, on the grounds of the stylistic difference between it and other works painted by Whistler in Trouville (see Harmony in Blue and Silver: Trouville [YMSM 064] Sea and Rain [YMSM 065], Blue and Silver: Trouville [YMSM 066], Crepuscule in Opal: Trouville [YMSM 067], Green and Grey. Channel [YMSM 069]). The compilers of this catalogue share his doubts.

An alternative attribution might be to the well-known marine painter, Henry Moore (1831-1895).


1: YMSM 1980 [more](cat. no. 68).

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