Detail from The Canal, Amsterdam, 1889, James McNeill Whistler, The Hunterian, University of Glasgow

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Nocturne en gris et or


Only one title has been suggested:

  • 'Nocturne en gris et or' (1883, Petit). 1
  • 'Nocturne en gris et or' (1980, YMSM). 2


When it was shown in Paris in 1883 it was described as:

'simplement brume au crépuscule, où les becs de gaz jettent des lueurs d'or.' ('simply haze at dusk, where the gas nozzles throw their glimmers of gold.') 3

The description could apply to several Nocturnes, one possibility being Nocturne: Grey and Gold - Chelsea Snow [YMSM 174] (although that is a more elaborate composition than the description suggests).


Probably London, UK.


1: Exposition Internationale de Peinture, Galerie George Petit, Paris, 1883 (cat. no. 3).

2: YMSM 1980 [more] (cat. no. 142).

3: Unidentified press cutting, GUL Whistler PC 7, p. 15.

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